Those colorful, all-in-one detergent pods may be convenient way to get the laundry done, but they pose a HUGE risk to children.

Researchers at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio noted that in just one year, the exposures led to 769 children in the U.S. being hospitalized. Thirty went into a coma and 12 suffered seizures after handling the squishy plastic coated discs filled with laundry soap, softener and other detergents. One child died after ingesting a pod, researchers found.

It angers me that these multi-billion dollar companies believe that  warning labels and putting the products out of reach are enough. Sadly, it’s not just toxic laundry products that they sell. So many cleaning and personal care products are a detriment to our families, homes and our environment.

Check out the news report in the video to see how easy it is for kids to mistake the poison for candy.

My question is, “Why are consumers even buying these products?

Why support poison?”

I believe NOT buying these brands is the better answer to safety for our kids, our health and our environment.

WE HAVE A CHOICE with what we buy and what companies and brands we support.

With more awareness, we can all make better choices.

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Live Well, Love Well, Lead Well.

Donna Stewart