One of my passions is to educate others on the chemicals that are found in common household products.

They are harming us, our families and our environment. Probably without you even being aware of it.

For me, this passion started because I suffered horribly with eczema since I was a child. Especially on my hands, I would scratch to the point of bleeding.

As an adult, I began learning about the chemicals in our everyday products and thought that could be what’s causing my skin problems not to mention so many other health concerns that people have as well as the harm it does to our planet!

The latest report from the Centre for Disease Control reports 1 out 2 Americans will be diagnosed with Cancer.

They also report that it is the exposure to a wide variety of manufactured chemicals in the home that accounts for at least two thirds of ALL cases of cancer in the U.S.

The environmental protection agency reports that households in the United states produce 38 million tons of toxic waste per year. And it enters our environment and continues to negatively affect our waterways, forests, animals, our health and more.

Check out this collection of news reports regarding toxins in our everyday products. Education is key to making better choices.


The good news is…we can have a positive impact on our health and environment by making smarter purchase decisions.

Do we continue to put our families and environment in harms way?

Join our #LiveWellJourney online webinar to learn more about the hidden dangers in your household products. Also, learn how to swap them out AFFORDABLY and create a healthy environment for your home, your family and our environment.

If you or someone you know suffers with, cancer, asthma, skin issues, headaches, fatigue and/or other health problems, this is a webinar that you do NOT want to miss!


Live Well, Love Well, Lead Well.

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