Are you someone that uses hand sanitizer?

Most people do. You will find a sanitizer dispenser in almost every public establishment. Even most schools recommend it for the children. Grab a quick dollop and your hands are free of germs. But what else is happening?

You need to know that hand sanitizers can be extremely toxic.

Of course we all want a fast and simple way to kill germs but what most of us don’t know is that these sanitizers may actually be making you sick!

The antimicrobial compound you find in hand sanitizer is called TRICLOSAN.

TRICLOSAN is not only found in sanitizers, it can also be found in many types of toothpaste, shaving creams, deodorants, moisturizers and more.

Yup…it does kill germs but you need to know that is has also been linked to hormone problems including but not limited to; infertility and early puberty. There was even a study on mice that were exposed to TRICLOSAN and they found that many had been shown to develop liver cancer.

Are you sure that want to continue using products that contain such a toxic substance?

People are becoming more aware and so manufacturers are making some changes.

So instead of TRICLOSAN they are now using BENZALKONIUM CHLORIDE. Hmmm…is this a good swap?

BENZALKONIUM CHLORIDE and other related quaternary ammonia compounds are known respiratory irritants. They can negatively affect anyone’s breathing, and even more so for those who suffer with asthma.

Take a moment, find those hand sanitizers (including wipes), read the ingredients and if you find TRICLOSAN or BENZALKONIUM CHLORIDE listed, toss it in the garbage!

Join us on our next online #LiveWellJourney webinar to learn more about the hidden dangers in your household products. Also, learn how to swap them out AFFORDABLY and create a healthy environment for your home, your family and our environment.
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