Organic Gatorade contains a whopping 29 grams of sugar per bottle!

I read an article today from CBC sharing the latest news about Gatorade announcing their new “organic” formula.

This is another example of marketing at it’s best. Luring consumers with health claims.
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“There’s a perception in the marketplace that organic equals healthy,” says Greg Wells, a professor of kinesiology at the University of Toronto.

But, unless you tackle the core ingredients that are problematic in a product, it will remain an unhealthy choice, he warns. Organic Gatorade is still high in sugar — 29 grams per 16.9 ounce bottle.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation has encouraged people to limit their intake of added sugars to less than 10 per cent of their total daily calories — that translates to about 48 grams for a typical adult. ONE bottle of organic Gatorade provides more than half the recommended sugar limit per day.

Don’t trust the hype!

With this type of marketing people can be blinded by a small health benefit when in reality it could be the exact opposite.

The next time you’re exposed to product that includes healthy buzzwords, take some extra time to investigate exactly what you’re about to purchase and consume.

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Live Well, Love Well, Lead Well.

Donna Stewart