Chlorine Bleach is one of the most commonly used and relied upon cleaners.

It was even used as a chemical weapon during World War I! Think about that, a CHEMICAL WEAPON!

It is most known for it’s ability to keep clothes white, to assist in removing mold and mildew and it’s disinfectant properties.

For these purposes chlorine bleach can be classified as effective, BUT the negative side effects and potential dangers to using this cleaning product are horrible.

Did you know that there is no FDA-type organization that regulates the cleaning products that are brought into your home?

Instead groups such as the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) make warnings of the use of Chlorine Bleach publicly available.

The following safety precautions that are recommended:

• Dilute the chlorine bleach with water. The lower concentration poses a potentially lesser risk of unwanted exposure.
• Wear a safety mask and rubber gloves when working with bleach as a preventative measure.
• Only use chlorine bleach in a well ventilated area to allow for sufficient air flow and to prevent the unwanted gasses from remaining stationary in the working space.
• Never mix chlorine bleach with any other household cleaners.

The fourth recommendation is CRITICAL because mixed with common ingredients -such as ammonia – found in many other household cleaners the fumes produced can become even more lethal and potentially FATAL.

Nose bleeds, neurological disorders, headaches, shortness of breath and chest pain, are just a small number of the potential side effects that can be experienced.

As helpful as these safety precautions can be, why not just stop using bleach altogether?


Thankfully there are healthy alternatives to not only chlorine bleach but pretty well every toxic cleaning product out there.

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Live Well, Love Well, Lead Well.

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